Private i Platform Update: Focus on Report Automation


Ad hoc reporting is great for one-time tasks, but many organization’s reporting needs run on a schedule. On September 22, we will introduce two key new capabilities that help streamline reporting: Saved Reports and Job Scheduling.

With Saved Reports, Private i Platform clients will be able to leverage the time spent defining how a report is run, such as selection set, dates, optional parameters; and where it ends up, such as a file or FTP site. Job Scheduling will allow single or groups of saved reports to be put on a clock so that they’re delivered where and when they are needed. For example, with this new capability, performance reports can run and be delivered on Sunday nights for that Monday morning weekly meeting; or data extracts can be sent to data warehouses on a daily or weekly basis via FTP.

Burgiss-Managed Data Additions

With this release, we also continue to expand platform access to Burgiss-Managed Data. Notably, for the first time, we will be providing key insights about how we classify assets according to the three-tier asset class designation defined through the Burgiss Private Capital Classification System. We’re also expanding this data to include ASC 820 Fair values at the Asset Level, Percent Ownership, Total Enterprise Value, and the EBITDA Multiple at the Holding level.