Private Capital Data & Analytics

With the world's largest trove of research-quality private capital data, Burgiss provides essential data and analytics for thoughtful investors. Our modern, comprehensive private capital management platform helps professionals get illuminating insights that lead to more informed decisions.

As the premier provider of research-quality data on fund performance and behavior, Burgiss data powers investment decision-making, policy benchmarks, and informs third-party risk models for hundreds of investment programs throughout the world. With singular focus on private capital for over three decades, Burgiss has set standards for the entire industry. The Burgiss team operates out of offices in the U.S., Europe, and South Africa, with headquarters in Hoboken, New Jersey.


Private Capital Portfolio Management Platform

Private i is a unified web-based application designed to assist private capital investors in:

  • Data Management

  • Performance Measurement

  • Analytics, Reporting & Dashboards

  • Managed Transparency & Universe Data

  • Cash Management

  • Document Management

Fully integrated across a wide array of data and analytical tools, the Private i platform helps your investment, risk, and operations teams monitor, measure, and report on your private capital investments and portfolios. 

getting data out made easy—Our Excel Add-In

Build your models and reports your way.

Built on our API, the Burgiss Excel Add-In supplies data and analytics directly to MS-Office applications, tapping directly into your data, our data and the Burgiss high-performance calculation engine. With it, you can create structured access to your investment data that draws from our advanced performance analytics and is always up-to-date.

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Transparency across Fund Holdings Delivered


Transparency Data

Built on 20 years of continuous service to many of the world’s largest investors, the Burgiss Holdings Transparency Service provides comprehensive historical data on thousands of private capital funds.

We source all data on behalf of LP investors directly from managers. We compile and enrich this data with objective classifications and meaningful characteristics that allow deep aggregation and analysis. Our data capture process is done with a big, experienced team and built on detailed policies and procedures designed to ensure information is accurate and consistent across all managers. We continuously invest in tools and workflow automation to make data capture as efficient as possible.

Universe Analytics and Benchmarks

The Burgiss Manager Universe, the world’s largest repository of research-quality private capital data, is based on the transactional and valuation history of nearly 9,500 funds across the full spectrum of private capital strategies, including private equity, private debt, and real assets. Key to the quality and consistency of this data is an array of formal data policy and classification initiatives that are constructed and updated with the continuing help of our many clients.

Sourced from limited partners with investments in these funds, the Burgiss Manager Universe powers policy benchmarks, risk and cash flow models for institutional clients worldwide.

Burgiss Manager Universe


In-Depth Research on Private Capital Investing

Applied Research

With all this data at our command, Burgiss provides clients with proprietary research, specialized publications and insider access to industry data. Our applied research team leverages this trove of high-quality private capital data, and statistical and econometric models to help answer deeper questions on private capital through bespoke engagements.


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We Serve

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Endowments, Foundations, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Family Offices, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Financial Institutions

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Collaborators by nature, we have deep relationships with practitioners, industry experts and leading academics and count as strategic partners custodians, investment consultants and fund administrators, who leverage our platform to serve their clients.