Burgiss Head of Applied Research at EMPEA


On May 15th, Luis O’Shea, Head of Applied Research at Burgiss, presented at the 7th Annual Institutional Investors-Only Summit in Washington, DC. The Summit, which is open to qualified institutional investors, featured insights by top industry experts into the investment issues facing asset owners.

Luis’ presentation, entitled “Emerging Market Private Capital: Performance and Risk”, addressed topics including the relative performance and risk of private capital in emerging markets and developed markets.

Key takeaways included:

  • Performance of Emerging and Developed Markets has converged over time.
  • From 2000 to the present, there has been a measurable advantage, relative to public markets, to investing in private capital when viewed from an integrated strategy approach.
  • On average, the beta of Emerging Markets private capital is 0.7, but during times of peak valuation, it is considerably higher.

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