Client Benefits

As a Burgiss client, you get:

  • Full access to original research papers, briefs and webinars on a variety of private capital topics.

  • Regularly-released Private Capital Research Reports, providing summaries of results from the Burgiss Manager Universe and the Quarterly Capital Reserve Forecasts for Buyout, Venture and Real Estate.

  • Close participation in consultations that help shape private capital classification, and data policies.

  • Invitations to early-adopter programs that help advance and shape our offerings.

Key Burgiss Differences

  • Timely, Comprehensive, Research-Quality Data

  • Private Capital Industry Experience - For more than 30 years, Burgiss has been a trusted provider of systems and data laser-focused on private capital. Burgiss has become an information hub with unique assets, capabilities and perspectives on the needs and practices across the industry.

  • A Product-Based Approach - Our platform is designed for quick on-boarding, and seamless and frequent upgrades.

  • Exceptional Client Service - We pride ourselves on professional, timely and informed resolution to your questions and concerns. 

  • Universe Data from the Source  - The source of our universe data is through private disclosure by limited partners, avoiding the problems and biases introduced through other data-gathering approaches, such as web-scraping, surveys, voluntary manager submissions, and Freedom of Information Act requests.

  • Conflict-Free - We do not provide investment advisory or consulting services, freeing us to be an objective source of data and analytics. 

  • Stable and financially Independent - As a private company, we have always taken the long view. Serving our clients is our central mission.

Strategic Relationships:

Burgiss has strong relationships with a variety of institutions that strengthen and enrich our offerings and theirs

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