Why Work With Us? — We Know Private Capital

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Investing in Private Capital Deserves A Specialized Approach - From the challenges of sourcing to illiquidity to longer-term holding periods to transparency and performance measurement, investing in private assets presents unique challenges that demand different ways of thinking.

Experience - For more than 30 years, we've worked with some of the world's largest investors in private capital. We've listened and learned while developing systems, gathering and organizing data, and helping shape practices that support better investing. Over time, with the trust and help from many clients, Burgiss has become an information hub with truly unique capabilities and perspectives on the needs and practices across the industry.

By working with us, you get tools and research, from data enrichment to analytics to classification systems to industry benchmarks, that help define and evolve best practices.

The Data Difference - Every system lays claim to powerful technology and comprehensive analytics and reporting. Our platform, Private i, is no exception, but within it we seamlessly weave data you manage with data we create and manage. Working with this platform provides you with:

  • Industry performance data from the Burgiss Manager Universe, such as user-defined benchmarks and peer groups

  • Comprehensive, continually-updated holdings transparency data

  • Profiles of invested companies and their reported financial fundamentals

  • Licensed analytical support data, such as indexes, currency rates and security pricing

A Product-Based Approach - Our cloud-based platform is designed for quick on-boarding, and seamless and frequent upgrades. Simply set preferences, and Private i works the way you want--there's no need for long, expensive, painful implementations or customizations.

A Reputation for Exceptional Client Service - We pride ourselves on personal, professional, timely and informed resolution to your questions and concerns. 

Data from the Source  - All Burgiss Manager Universe data is responsibly sourced through private disclosure by Limited Partners, avoiding the problems and biases  introduced from other data-gathering approaches, such as web-scraping, surveys, voluntary manager submissions, and Freedom of Information Act requests.

Conflict-Free - We do not provide investment advisory or consulting services, freeing us to be an objective source of data and analytics. 

Stable and financially Independent - As a private company, we have always taken the long view. Serving our clients is our central mission, not impatient investors.


Exclusive Client Benefits

As a Burgiss client, you get:

  • Full access to original research papers, briefs and webinars on a variety of private capital topics.

  • Regularly-released Private Capital Research Reports, which provide summaries of results from the Burgiss Manager Universe and the Quarterly Capital Reserve Forecasts for Buyout, Venture and Real Estate.

  • Close participation in consultations that help shape private capital classification, and data policies.

  • Invitations to early-adopter programs, that help advance and shape our offerings.


Strategic Relationships

Burgiss has strong relationships with a variety of institutions that strengthen and enrich our offerings and theirs.