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Who We Are

Burgiss is a global provider of investment decision support for investors in private capital. Serving the industry since 1987, we are now the leading provider of research-quality data and analytics, with our systems and data supporting private capital decision-making by institutional investors worldwide.

Today, with offices in the US, Europe and South Africa, we are a multidisciplinary team of more than 200 professionals, many with CAIA, CFA and PhD credentials. Here is a link to our leadership team.

We serve over 1,000 firms in 30 countries and our data covers nearly $6.3 trillion in private capital. We bring long experience and deep expertise in performance and risk measurement. Our analytics platform and research-quality data are designed to help clients inform and manage their investments. We have the world’s largest research quality database of fund performance and the deepest and most comprehensive coverage of the fund holdings, enabling investors to look through and across their fund investments to better measure and manage risk and exposure.

Our portfolio management platform, Private i, is a rapidly-evolving, highly-configurable, secure, cloud-based application that integrates data capture, reporting and analysis.

We conduct and publish original research and provide industry-leading efforts to advance standards. We participate in and benefit from a rich collaboration on academic and practitioner research through the Private Equity Research Consortium and the Institute for Private Capital.

Most importantly, we are solely dedicated to helping our customers with the complex challenges of investing in private capital.