Measure and Monitor Portfolio Performance 

Thursday, March 14th,  2:00 PM ET

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Private i is a robust, cloud-based platform expressly designed for private capital. During the session we will show you how to:

  • View and modify fund attributes and use the ledgers section to fully capture and monitor transactional activity.

  • Centralize and manage related documents in context. - Measure and attribute performance by calculating absolute performance measures.

  • Gain transparency from Burgiss-managed data by taking advantage of a complete look-through into the underlying holdings of fund investments.

  • Report using a wide spectrum of board quality reporting, serving the needs of front, middle, and back-offices.


Forecast Cash Flows, Compute PMEs and Benchmark Portfolios

Thursday, February 28th– 10:00 AM ET

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Private i is a robust, cloud-based platform expressly designed for private capital.  During the session we will show you how to:

  • Benchmark against fund peer groups using the Burgiss Manager Universe.

  • Review enhanced analytics, integrating third party indexes (MSCI, S&P, & Russell) for the purposes of public market comparison calculations as well as multi-index reporting options.

  • Utilize the Takahashi-Alexander forecast model which allows users to project future contributions, distributions, and valuations for investments by combining user-defined parameters related to an investment’s expected cash flow profile and valuation growth along with real-time portfolio data.


Make Data-Driven Decisions On Strategy and Investments

Tuesday, March 19th– 2:00 PM ET

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Private iQ is an analytical tool that provides data-driven insights into the private capital market. The session will familiarize users with universe analytics and benchmarks and help them learn to navigate the tool’s various functionalities. During the session we will show you how to:

  • Navigate the Burgiss Manager Universe, a research-quality database at the heart of Private iQ.

  • Utilize fully customizable peer groups and robust analytics enabling meaningful and consistent comparisons.

  • Adjust parameters allowing analytics to be calculated in various currencies and dynamically filtered and grouped by fund attributes.

  • Benchmark managers and portfolios, establish expectations for modeling different asset classes, and stay up-to-date about macro changes in the investment environment.