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Universe Analytics and Benchmarks

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Data-driven Insights on Private Capital and Answers on Performance, Cash Flow, and Valuation Behavior

Private iQ, our universe analytics and benchmarks tool, provides data-driven insights into the private capital market. It can help answer virtually any question about the performance, cash flow, and valuation behavior of private capital. Fully customizable peer groups and robust analytics enable meaningful and consistent comparisons — users can benchmark managers and portfolios, establish expectations for modeling different asset classes, and stay up-to-date about macro changes in the investment environment. 

At the heart of Private iQ is the Burgiss Manager Universe, a research-quality database that includes the complete transactional history of nearly 8,500 private capital funds representing more than $6.0 trillion in committed capital across the full spectrum of private capital strategies, including private equity, private debt, and real assets. 

Universe Analytics and Benchmarks Product Brief