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Transparency Data

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For Private Capital Portfolio Holdings

For more than 20 years, limited partners and managers of funds-of-funds have trusted Burgiss to provide them with comprehensive data on the underlying holdings of their private capital portfolios. 

With complete, up-to-date transparency data, investors can accurately measure risk, portfolio composition, and manager performance in their private capital portfolios. Freed from the work of gathering this data, investment and operations teams can focus on understanding and managing their investments.

All transparency data is sourced directly from financial reports, templates, and other supplemental documents. We then compile and enrich this data with classifications and other characteristics that allow meaningful aggregation and analysis. 

Our data management process includes detailed policies and procedures designed to ensure information is accurate and consistent across all managers.

Our cloud-based portfolio management platform, Private i, provides the gateway to this data, with easy access to assets, holdings, entities and entity-fundamentals data. With this platform, reports and structured exports give you easy access to the investment history of your funds.

Transparency Data Product Brief