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Burgiss-Managed Private Capital Data

Burgiss manages a variety of information that is core to the private capital investment process. This Burgiss-Managed Data (BMD) helps provide a more complete picture of private capital portfolios and aids in analysis and reporting.

Burgiss manages a variety of data focused on private capital, including holdings transparency; fund and entity profiles; entity fundamentals; and derived data such as fund benchmarks and cash flow behavioral data. Within our platform, we also provide supporting analytical data include relevant currency rates, stock prices and index values. Underpinning this data is extensive work developing and harmonizing identity, taxonomy and classification systems.

We do this specialized data management work in-house with specialized teams of data policy analysts, financial analysts, researchers and archivists.

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Fund Holdings Transparency

To understand the workings of a private capital fund is to know what investments it makes and holds in companies, properties, and other securities and real assets over time. Burgiss Transparency data provides investors with cradle-to-grave capture and enrichment of the holdings of private capital funds and provides answers to both simple and complicated questions. How much did the fund invest? What is it worth today? Upon exit? What drove the change in value? More importantly, by subscribing to Burgiss Transparency Data, investors can look across entire portfolios of private capital investments to understand and accurately measure risk, portfolio composition, and manager performance.

Freed from the work of gathering this data, investment and operations teams can focus on understanding and managing their investments.

We source transparency data directly from financial reports, templates, and supplemental documents provided to us directly on the behalf of our clients. We compile and enrich this data with objective classifications and characteristics that allow meaningful aggregation and analysis. Our data management process is built on detailed policies and procedures designed to ensure information is accurate and consistent across all managers.

Our cloud-based portfolio management platform, Private i, provides the gateway to this data, with easy access to assets, holdings, entities and entity-fundamentals data. With this platform, reports and structured exports give you easy access to the investment history of your funds.

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