Excel Add-In Now Supports Public-Market-Equivalent Measures


With this release, we introduced standard relative measures to the Private i Platform Excel Add-In that helps deepen your analysis by providing comparisons to traditional investment approaches. Collectively known as public-market-equivalent measures, they are generally abbreviated PME. These include the:

  • IRR, Spread and Valuation using the Long-Nickels Index Comparison Method (ICM)

  • Kaplan-Schoar Public Market Equivalent ratio (KS PME)

  • Gredil-Griffiths-Stucke Direct Alpha method (Direct Alpha)

All of these functions work on individual or groups of investments and support point-to-point calculations. All also support an optional premium to be applied to the index, and a Roll-Forward option to proxy missing valuations.

Notably, these PME measures can use the default indexes associated with investments or, more flexibly, can use other indexes by simply passing its IndexID as part of the function for on-the-fly analysis.

Access to these functions is available to all who have licensed the Advanced Analytics module.

Bug Fixes

This release also fixes several known issues:

  • Liquidated investments are now required to have a liquidated date later than the closing date.

  • The TWRR calculation using Received Date now correctly calculates the return for quarter-to-date.

  • The Excel Function BurgissCalcCommitment now no longer requires a currency rate if its Local and Base currencies are the same.

james kocis