New Reports: Local Absolute Performance & Listed Securities Valuation


Eight new reports were added to the platform today, including Local Currency versions of many of the core reports in the Absolute Performance category. These reports use local flows to create the traditional measure of absolute performance, both individually by investment and for groups.

Estimated Valuation for Listed Securities

It is well known that within a private capital portfolio of even modest size that not all of its holdings may be private. Through acquisitions, mergers and initial public offerings, funds may contain positions in listed companies. A new report, Estimated Valuation for Listed Securities,* imputes the value of these holdings across funds and portfolios. This valuable report provides guidance on the portion of the funds that are liquid (though possibly subject to lockup or other restrictions). This new report can be run for any date, in Local or Base currency, and the estimated value is calculated with the help of current stock pricing, provided as part of Burgiss-Managed Data.

*This report replaces the legacy Public Stock Pricing Report, which is still available from within the Private i Desktop.

SAMPLE - Estimated Valaution for Listed Securities (ITD - RF - Local - FA).png
james kocis