Universe Analytics Integration; 2-Factor Authentication; Folders


Private investments are private and as a result, one of the central problems investors in private capital face is isolation. Although absolute measures of performance, easily calculated with cash flows, are important, relative measures that provide a greater context are perhaps even more so. “How am I doing compared to a peer group consisting of…?”

With the February 2nd release, we introduced the first phase of Universe Analytics integration within the Private i Platform, providing clients with the data and tools to make definitive , objective comparisons to help shape decision-making. Like the Private iQ capability it mirrors, the new Measure Detail Report is much more than a report—it is an easy-to-use tool that provides real-time calculation results of various IRRs, multiples, cash flows and comparisons to public market indexes in nearly any cross section of vintage, asset class, geography, development, industry, fund size and currency from the Burgiss Manager Universe (BMU). As a reminder, the BMU, updated quarterly, is based on research-quality cash flows and valuations from nearly 9,000 funds.

To access this capability, clients must have licenses to both Private i and Private iQ.

Additional Capability

Significantly, this release also introduces two-factor authentication and support for folders within the Documents Module. For clients with access to Transparency Data, there are new structured exports of Fund-level Fair Values and Holding-level values for Ownership, Total Enterprise Value, and EBITDA Multiples.

james kocis