Scheduling; Introducing Report Jobs; BMD Additions



In March of this year, we streamlined reporting by introducing the ability to save reports for later reuse. With this release, we introduce Scheduling, which works with saved reports to automate report creation and delivery. Add one or more Saved Reports to a Job, and then schedule the Job to run once or according to a regular interval.

All scheduled reports run exactly as if run manually, with the advantage that they can run in batches without intervention. Output of each item in a job can be directed to a file or to configured FTP destination.

Integration of additional Burgiss Managed Data (BMD):

  • Asset - ASC 820 Fair Values, 3-tier asset class based on the Private Capital Classification System. Note: The 3-tier asset class will not be made available in the context of Private Informant.

  • Holding - % Ownership, Total Enterprise Value, EBITDA Multiple

  • Entity - Logo

james kocis