Private I Browser-Based Platform Debuts


Private i, one of the world’s most popular institutional private capital management systems, enters its third major era with the introduction of a web-browser-delivered experience.

Focused on integration of all Burgiss products and data, this new incarnation is the result of years of careful planning, design and engineering. Although the first release is modest in scope, it was designed with the future in mind, delivering its capability through a web browser.

Like a replacement bridge, the new platform was built side-by-side with the last implementation of the Windows Desktop Version (Private i Release 5.9), allowing the two applications to share a common database. The new platform is designed for fast, continuous development, seamless upgrades, and secure operation. Current clients can opt to use one or both platforms — it’s the same data.

The first release introduces core capability in capturing and reporting on activity central to private capital funds, backed by the sophistication that we’ve developed over the past 20 years.

This central capability covers:

  • Portfolios

  • Organizations

  • Assets

  • Investments

  • Transactions

  • Reporting

  • Entities

  • Peer Group Creation & Assignment

james kocis