Takahashi-Alexander Phase I; Exchange Rate Enhancement


Takahashi-Alexander Cash Flow Model

Previously available as a standalone application to our clients, we have now integrated the Takahashi-Alexander Cash Flow model into the platform. First devised by Dean Takahashi and Seth Alexander while at the Yale Endowment, the model is based on their paper, published here. The integration within the platform has the advantage of tapping into historical transactional activity without importing. Separate set of analyses can be run based on saved Scenarios, with output at Annual, Semi-Annual, Monthly, Quarterly intervals and variety of other options.

Currency Lookup

For investments that involve two currencies, a new Exchange Rate Lookup has been provided in all investment transaction ledgers.


A new report was released: Concentration Analysis by Valuation - Entities

On April 26, 2018, we simplified the Report user interface, eliminating selection of data for reports that did not require it.

james kocis