Takahashi-Alexander Enhancements; Management Fees & Incentives with ILPA Reporting Template Import; PCCS Update Support


With this release, we enhanced the Takahashi Alexander (T/A) Cash Flow module to show contributions, distributions and valuations prior to the analysis date for the scenario. The new results display dynamically in a chart that allows you to partition past activity, future projections, and total activity. The calculation now fully supports the original T/A model with the addition of a “Yield” parameter.

A new module, Manager-Stated Fees & Incentives, creates a central repository for periodic capture of this information. The module supports importing the relevant investment-level data supplied by managers through the standard ILPA Reporting Template (Excel).

The Assets Module, which allows capture of a variety of levels of fund or other asset information, was enhanced to provide support for Burgiss Manager Peer Groups and Analysis. In addition, support was added to assign indexes to assets to permit relative performance reporting related to their cash flows.

The platform now also supports the recent changes in the Private Capital Classification System (PCCS).

In Reporting, support for the new 3-Tier Asset Class was added to Asset Attributes Structured Export.

james kocis