GICS Revisions Support


Burgiss-Managed Data uses the GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) to identify the industry of each of thousands of entities delivered to clients through our Holdings Transparency Data Service. The industry classifications are subject to periodic updating by MSCI and S&P, and in September of this year, the revisions were made official. Over the course of this year, we have communicated that we would implement these classification changes within Burgiss Managed Data and on December 1, 2018, this was done.

Here is a summary of changes to GICS from MSCI:

  • Telecommunication Services Sector renamed to Communication Services Sector

    • The Telecommunication Services Sector is renamed to Communication Services to include companies that facilitate communication and offer related content through various media. It includes:

      • Media companies moved from Consumer Discretionary to Communication Services

      • Internet services companies moved from Information Technology to Communication Services

  • Information Technology Sector

    • The Internet Software & Services Industry and Sub-Industry is discontinued

    • A new Sub-Industry is created under the IT Services Industry called Internet Services & Infrastructure

    • The Application Software Sub-Industry is updated to include cloud-based software companies

  • Consumer Discretionary Sector

    • The Media Industry Group is moved out of Consumer Discretionary and into the Communication Services Sector, and renamed Media & Entertainment

    • E-commerce companies are moved from Information Technology to Consumer Discretionary

    • Re-classification of fund entities from “Financials” to “Other\Fund” across GICS, ICB and VEIC

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