Universe Analytics Integration Complete and New Dashboard Introduced!


Saturday, August 3rd we released a platform update that marked a major milestone for the integration of Universe Analytics into the Private i Platform.

We have added the Measure Detail Point to Point and Relationship Explorer analyses to the Private I platform, completing the integration of Universe Analytics. Now that we’ve reached this milestone, we will focus our energy on integrating new features requested by our clients. We are thrilled that the integration has been such a success, and look forward to continuing to build on the Universe Analytics module.

This update also introduced a new dashboard focused on cash flow analysis to the Platform. The dashboard shows Since Inception and Period Analysis as well as an Investment Table, all of which can be filtered by Fund Manager, Asset Class, Sub-Asset Class, Investment Type, Vehicle Type, and Vintage.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!


Cash Flow Analysis Dashboard, Measure Detail Point to Point report, and Relationship Explorer.

Amanda VanNess