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The Leading Provider of Investment Decision Support Tools for Private Capital


We serve over 1,000 firms in 30 countries, and our data covers more than $6.0 trillion in private capital. Along with deep expertise in performance and risk measurement, our analytics platform and research-quality data help clients make better investment decisions.



Private i

The Specialist Platform for Private Capital

A robust, cloud-based portfolio management platform expressly designed for private capital. With Private i you can:

  • Fully capture and monitor transactional activity

  • Measure and attribute performance

  • Create and report on relative peer group performance

  • Gain transparency from Burgiss-managed Data

  • Calculate exposures across funds and portfolios

  • Create and deliver board-quality reporting

  • Automate delivery of data for integration and analysis


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Transparency Data

For Private Capital Holdings

With our complete, up-to-date transparency data, investors can accurately measure risk, portfolio composition, and manager performance in their private capital portfolios. All transparency data is sourced directly from financial reports, templates, and other supplemental documents. We then compile and enrich this data with classifications and other characteristics that allow meaningful aggregation and analysis. 


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Universe Analytics and Benchmarks

Data-driven Insights on Private Capital and Answers on Performance, Cash Flow, and Valuation Behavior

Private iQ, our universe analytics and benchmarks tool, provides data-driven insights into the private capital market. It can help answer virtually any question about the performance, cash flow, and valuation behavior of private capital. Fully customizable peer groups and robust analytics enable meaningful and consistent comparisons — users can benchmark managers and portfolios, establish expectations for modeling different asset classes, and stay up-to-date about macro changes in the investment environment. 


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Applied Research

Custom Questions, In-depth Answers

The Burgiss Applied Research team helps answer both fundamental and bespoke research questions on private capital. These research consultants leverage our expertise and proprietary databases of non-public data to help bring clarity to issues driving investment decisions.

Sample engagement types include:

  • Developing Custom Benchmarks – Match specific investment constraints and provide guidance on composition, diversification, risk, and cash flow.

  • Predicting Cash Flows – Analyze how various portfolio weightings will affect future fund cash flows.

  • Estimating Risk Exposure – Help clients understand their exposure to broad market, industry, and liquidity factors, or styles such as size, growth, and value.