New! 6 Additional Burgiss-Managed Parameter Sets for Takahashi-Alexander Cash Flow Model


In 2018, we released an integrated Takahashi-Alexander (T/A) cash flow model into our platform. Our design allows you to define as many scenarios as you need. Within each scenario, you assign every investment you want to model with a set of parameters such as contribution and distribution rates.

From the initial release of the model, clients asked for help defining the many parameters that inform that model. Our stop-gap solution was to refer clients to our Burgiss Manager Universe data, which in addition to performance characteristics, provides data on historical patterns of funding and distribution. Though welcomed, many clients complained that they needed something simpler. Our second solution provided Burgiss-managed parameter sets based on our research.

In June 2019, we introduced the first two Burgiss-Managed T/A Parameter sets into the platform:

  • Burgiss Global Funds

  • Burgiss Global Funds of Funds

On September 21, 2019 we added six more fine-grained Burgiss-Managed T/A parameter sets:

  • Burgiss Global Buyout Funds

  • Burgiss Global Debt Funds

  • Burgiss Global Real Assets Funds

  • Burgiss Global Real Estate Funds

  • Burgiss Global Venture Capital Funds

As you might expect, we’ve learned more along the way and fined-tuned our approach and now use a slightly more robust model.

How do you use them? The simplest way is to create a new T/A scenario and bulk-assign them to groups of investments.

TA Managed Sets.png
james kocis