A New Platform User Interface


On September 28th, we will introduce a new interface to the Private i platform.

We sought your advice and listened, thought long and hard about what you said, consulted with UI experts, and worked a design process through dozens of prototypes. Our new interface design, clean and modern, puts analysis first, with configurable dashboards and data visualizations front-and-center.

New UI GIF.gif

Here’s a preview— the newly designed Investments Module.

  • We economized on the use of the screen, making room for meaningful graphics

  • We made visual analysis central, providing configurable cash flow, valuation, and absolute performance charts over time, and adding dynamic peer group comparisons

  • We simplified navigation, tucking the main menu to the left of the screen into an easily accessible taskbar, with icons and labels

  • We employed modern fonts and consistent color schemes

Throughout the application, we cut down on tiresome paging; added filters for grids to narrow selection; leveraged peer groups in the Universe Analytics module; and added and enriched analytical dashboards. We simplified and reorganized menus, adding popup shortcuts for common tasks.

We are focused on what’s important to you and how to make our tools simpler and more powerful. We look forward to hearing from you—there’s more to come.

Amanda VanNess