Platform Advances


On Saturday, April 13th, we released an update to the Private i Platform, providing Holdings-Based Composition, introducing the time-zero-based Universe Analytics Profiler, and featuring Burgiss News Feeds.

As a reminder, fully-functional Measure Detail, Time Series and Profiler from the Universe Analytics Module will be available in preview form to all clients until we release the 4th Quarter 2018 update of the Burgiss Manager Universe on April 27th 2019.

New Dashboard: Holdings-Based Composition Over Time

Holdings-Based Performance Over Time

The first of our platform dashboards to look at underlying holdings of funds, this time-series allows you to study and analyze either industry or geographic concentration, and see its evolution over time. Hovering over elements displays further compositional breakdowns, which can be viewed in full through drilling down by clicking-through. Individual funds or groups of funds can be explored further by sub-selecting one or more investments from the a preview screen. All results are exportable to Excel.

Universe Analytics: Profiler Implemented

Universe Analytics: Profiler

Continuing the migration of Private iQ into the platform, this release incorporates the Profiler, a time-zero-based analysis that provides an intuitive way to examine the performance and cash flow behavior of a selected set of funds over their life. Selection criteria include Vintage, Asset Class, Geography, Development, Industry, Fund Size and Currency. The measures supported include rates-of-return, multiples, transaction summaries, and public-market comparisons. Other parameters include choice of currency and indexes.

*As a reminder: all platform clients will have access to Universe Analytics module until we release our 4th-Quarter 2018 results on April 27th 2019.

New Platform Home Page: Announcements, Research, Webinars, Documentation, Excel Add-In and Other Links

Announcements & Research

Keeping up with Burgiss is now a lot easier with live feeds from General announcements from Burgiss and Applied Research provide up-to-date information delivered via RSS feeds. In addition:

  • Our webinar schedule is now permanently available under "Important Updates" on the Platform homepage, making it easier for users to register for upcoming events. 

  • All documentation is now consolidated in one link.

As always, feel free to reach out to your Relationship Manager or email with any questions.

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