Burgiss Manager Universe Updated Through Q1 2019 with Addition of Senior Debt Asset Class Category


On June 22 2019, the Burgiss Manager Universe (BMU) was updated to include Q1 2019 results. The final tally of nearly 6,300 funds represents more than $6.6 trillion in committed capital across the full spectrum of private capital strategies. The update also included the introduction of Senior Debt as a dedicated Asset Class category, resulting from the 2018 taxonomy review of the Private Capital Classification System. Senior Debt funds are now available for analysis in Private iQ, Private i Universe Analytics, and Private i Peer Groups.

The Burgiss Manager Universe provides policy benchmarks for leading private capital investment programs; powers the Universe Analytics of Private iQ and the Private i Platform; and underpins proprietary and commercial risk models.

About Burgiss
Burgiss is the global provider of investment decision support tools for private capital. Along with deep expertise in performance and risk measurement, our analytics platform and research-quality data help clients make better investment decisions. We serve over 1,000 firms in 30 countries, and our data covers more than $6.6 trillion in private capital.

Amanda VanNess