Consultation on Transparency Data Policies


As part of our standardization objective discussed in the 2019 Data Roadmap, in the coming weeks we will be initiating a client consultation on Transparency data policies. As part of this consultation, we will:

a)    Propose/share a formalized framework of policies which will govern the holding transactions data

b)   Provide a time period during which we will be seeking your feedback on the proposed policies

Please stay tuned for the announcement and more details.

Additionally, we will be implementing the following data enhancements in the coming months:

June 22nd - Asset Class Taxonomy Enhancement: The Senior Debt fund category will be introduced as an Asset Class attribute as a result of the 2018 PCCS taxonomy review and client consultation. On this date, we will be updating the Burgiss Manager Universe with results through Q1 2019, which will include approximately 100 Senior Debt funds. For more information, please follow this link.

July 13th - Fund-Level Debt & Portfolio Exposures Policy Enhancement: Transparency Data will be enhanced per the results of the 2018 Fund-Level Debt & Portfolio Exposures policy consultation. The policy focuses on appropriately reflecting portfolio exposures in the growing number of cases where fund-level debt is used to finance underlying investments. Following the data policy implementation on July 13th, holding investment and valuation amounts (both historically and going forward) will reflect the entire amount of capital, independent of whether or not they were funded by a capital call or a fund’s credit line. For more information, please follow this link.


Amanda VanNess