Private i Excel Add-In Adoption Increases


In May, we released the Private i Platform Excel Add-In to a stalwart group of early adopters ready to check it out and prove it ready for prime-time.

Excel, a universal data format understood by every analyst in finance, is also in wide use as a data source across the analytical landscape. From the Microsoft Office Suite to Tableau to literally hundreds of applications, Excel files are leveraged as a common source of both raw data and analytical results. With the Private i Excel Add-In, exporting reams of data to recreate advanced investment and portfolio performance calculations, an awkward and error-prone process, is a thing of the past.

The initial release of the Excel Add-in gave users live access to core investment data and analytics on the Private i Platform, letting spreadsheet models tap into key investment attributes and standard calculations, such as single and group IRR and multiples, in real time. In October, we will release another iteration that provides additional investment level calculations.

The great news is that prime-time is here — adoption continues and we’re getting great suggestions and comments that are helping shape its path of further development. To get the Private i Platform Excel Add-In, contact