Burgiss Launches Early Adopter Program for Excel Add-in


The Burgiss Early Adopter program commenced this month with client participants putting our new Excel Add-in through its paces. Utilizing familiar Excel features such as formulas, pivot tables, and charts, the Add-in enables users to measure absolute and relative performance of their portfolio.

Users can pull data directly from Private i, building custom analyses and reports that are comprehensive and targeted directly to their needs. The Add-in allows users to: import various investment attributes seamlessly from Private i into Excel; calculate IRRs and multiples such as IRR, DPI, RVPI, and TVPI for individual investments, groups, and portfolios; and  bring Peer Groups into Excel for Performance Comparisons.

The Excel Add-in is just one of many new delivery channels that Burgiss has introduced in 2018, with more to come. The program will conclude August 31, at which time Burgiss will evaluate and update the Add-in based on Early Adopter feedback. We’re excited to be working closely with our clients as we refine this first-phase tool, and prepare for its release to all Private i clients later this year. 

Amanda VanNess