Burgiss Delivers Integrated Cash Flow and Valuation Forecasting Model


Hoboken, NJ/ May 14, 2018/ PR Newswire -  Burgiss, the leading provider of data, analytics and decision support tools to private capital investors, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its cash flow and valuation forecasting model in its Private i Platform.  With this release, all Private i clients can use the widely adopted Takahashi-Alexander model to forecast cash flow and valuations.

“Burgiss has long recognized the importance of cash flow and valuation forecasting to private capital investors,” said Jim Kocis, founder and CEO of the firm.  “Our initial forecasting model was developed ten years ago in response to client demand. This latest effort brings that model into our platform and reflects our continued drive to help private capital investors with their most pressing needs.”

Brian Schmid, Head of Product at Burgiss, added, “We are continuing to deliver on our promise of integration. This time-tested cash flow forecasting model runs on data our clients already have—not only commitments, cash flows and valuations but as importantly, historical data from the Burgiss Manager Universe.  By bringing the forecasting model into the Private i Platform, we are immediately empowering hundreds of institutional investors to better manage their cash flow, and to more systematically pursue their target allocations to private capital.”

“To investors, private capital is all about the long-term.” added Jim.  “As a private firm, we are able to heavily invest in the future.  This latest product update is further proof of a long-term plan that brings together data and technology. Our commitment is to deliver best-in-class tools to our clients, and we will continue to innovate and grow our professional team in support of that goal.”

About the Burgiss Private i Platform

Private i is a robust, web-based platform expressly designed for private capital. It helps investment, risk, and operations teams consistently and accurately monitor, measure, and report on their portfolio and associated investment activity.

 About Burgiss

Burgiss is the global provider of investment decision support tools for private capital. Along with deep expertise in performance and risk measurement, our analytics platform and research-quality data help clients make better investment decisions. We serve over 1,000 firms in 30 countries, and our data covers $5.8 trillion in private capital. For more information, visit burgiss.com.

Amanda VanNess