Burgiss 2018 Taxonomy Consultation


Like most taxonomies, the Burgiss Private Capital Classification System (PCCS) is a work in progress and is subject to periodic review and revision. We work in close collaboration with our clients, who are consulted on proposed enhancements and given the opportunity to weigh in on these changes. Changes to taxonomies are proposed only after a comprehensive review.

For 2018: Addition of a Tier 2 Asset Class Category under Debt

This year, we focused our review on the Not Elsewhere Classified (NEC) funds in the Debt category of the Asset Class taxonomy to determine if it contains a meaningful distinct category which can/should be broken out. Of the funds currently classified as Debt/NEC, we found that approximately 70% focus on ‘senior debt’ investments. Following further sampling and research of these funds, we are proposing to enhance the Asset Class taxonomy by adding a Tier 2 category under Debt, named ‘Senior’.


Current Asset Class Taxonomy for the PCCS


These continued enhancements to the PCCS are important as they bring more transparency, standardization, and precision to the classification process, and act as a foundation for future work. For further information about our methodologies and approach, please refer to the full PCCS documentation.


Amanda VanNess