Excel Plug-In: Call for Alpha Testers




As part of our Technology Roadmap presented to clients in February, we announced that we had begun work on an Excel Plug-In for the Private i Platform. We’re happy to announce that we’ve made considerable progress and are now inviting Excel jockeys to participate in an early adopter program. This program provides access to the Alpha release, which is focused on performance analytics and benchmarking, later this spring. Participants in this program will put the plug-in to the test and submit feedback on how it can be improved.

Please note, as with any pre-production release, the software will be rough around the edges, and will be refined based on feedback.

If you are interested in the early adopter program, please drop a line to support@burgiss.com to indicate your interest in participating in the alpha.

This program will only be accepting a limited number of participants, so be sure to register now if you are interested.