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Hoboken, NJ/ March 14, 2018 / PR Newswire – Today, Burgiss, the global provider of investment decision support tools for private capital, announced a major release to its portfolio management platform.

Brian Schmid, Head of Product at Burgiss, said “With this release, we are making Private i easier to use, faster in operation, and even more comprehensive.” Mr. Schmid noted that Burgiss now has over 80% of its client base on the new platform with the rest to follow by mid-summer. “Our customers around the world are realizing the benefits of our unified platform—this is the sixth release in only a year, with more to come.”

An industry standard for over 20 years, Private i provides a full spectrum of portfolio analytics, reporting, and data management for private capital investors. Among its strengths is its flexible approach to data management—portfolio data can be internally managed or maintained by external parties such as custodians, administrators and consultants, freeing the investor to focus on investing. The new platform is secure and entirely browser-based, saving customers from unnecessary and costly IT complication. Since it is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), all enhancements are available to converted clients today.

This platform release also completes the second phase of Burgiss-managed data integration by providing a comprehensive set of new performance and exposure reports. “With the help of our customers, we re-imagined and re-engineered the entire suite of reports that leverage our transparency data,” Mr. Schmid said. “The result is a more comprehensive picture of how GPs are creating value.”

Significant improvements were made to the reporting engine and reporting workflow, allowing users to save report run-time specifications and delivering output to client-managed FTP sites. Notable as well is that the release includes a full complement of new exports structured to make integration easier and more reliable. “We’ve made it much simpler to get data out of Private i,” Mr. Schmid added, “and clients should see dramatic improvements in export performance, with some of our tests finding speed improvements of more than thirty-fold. Most importantly, we’re excited to deliver on our promise of continued rapid innovation.”

About Burgiss
Burgiss is the global provider of investment decision support tools for private capital. Along with deep expertise in performance and risk measurement, our analytics platform and research-quality data help clients make better investment decisions. We serve over 1,000 firms in 30 countries, and our data covers more than $5 trillion in private capital. For more information, visit burgiss.com.

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