Private i Platform Update: Focus on Reporting & Data Feeds


Private i, our browser-based private capital platform, is scheduled to be updated in early March. This release has a focus on speeding reporting, particularly structured exports used for data feeds, and formally introducing a series of Transparency Data reports that perform exposure analysis.

Exposure Analysis by Industry- Holdings Feb 2018.png

An example of one of the new Transparency Data holdings reports, Exposure Analysis by Industry.


In addition, this release will add the capability to save report specifications and deliver reports to a client-managed FTP site. Clients will also benefit from behind-the-scenes work on the speed of reporting, particularly in the area of the export reports commonly used to feed spreadsheets and other systems. This release also adds six new exports, including one for Entity Fundamentals and several focused on exporting portfolio, organization and investment attributes.

As always, this release sets the stage for a number of enhancements in the near future. Stay tuned.