For Clients Only: New Private Capital Market Reports


In the past month, we’ve debuted two reports from the Burgiss Manager Universe (BMU). The first report, a top-line review, provides all clients with objective measures of global private capital activity. The second report, an industry-first, presents aggregated performance of holdings of funds and is available to Transparency Data clients only. These reports are about numbers, not words. Our simple goal is to provide objective measurement of private capital activity. We let performance numbers stand on their own without commentary.

The reports will be reissued every quarter following the update of the BMU. Here are their brief descriptions:

The Global Private Capital Review
(All Clients)

This report helps limited and general partners:

  • Analyze top-line global and regional performance
  • Understand recent asset class performance
  • Observe capital flows and valuation movement
  • Monitor dry powder

Aggregated Performance of Holdings for Buyout, Real Estate, and Venture Capital
(Transparency Clients Only)

This report presents aggregated TVPI (investment multiple) performance of holdings across funds. Separate sections cover Buyout, Real Estate, and Venture Capital. The data allows limited and general partners to:

  • Benchmark the underlying holdings of funds
  • Analyze the dispersion of holdings performance
  • Attribute performance and risk at a more granular level
  • Monitor macro investment / divestment activity

About the Burgiss Manager Universe
As a reminder, the BMU is a research-quality database that includes the complete transactional history of more than 7,800 private capital funds. The BMU has become an essential resource to investors by powering Private iQ, Burgiss Peer Groups, independent analyses, and research by leading academics.