8,000 Funds, A New Milestone


On April 28th we will be updating the Burgiss Manager Universe through 4th Quarter 2017 and, for the first time coverage will top 8,000 funds. Reaching this milestone is a reflection of the market's need for research-quality data. All of this has been made possible through the ongoing support of limited partners across the globe.

BMU Q4 2017.png

The BMU is the data behind the Burgiss universe analytics and benchmark tool, Private iQ, as well as peer group analysis, custom analytics, third-party platforms and research by both Burgiss and leading academics. 

The Research Reports are derived from the updated BMU and will be issued according to the following schedule:

April 28
Q4 2017 Burgiss Manager Universe Update – Fund Transactions    

May 3
Q4 2017 Global Private Capital Review Report  

May 12 
Q4 2017 Burgiss Manager Universe Update – Fund Holdings  

May 17
Q4 2017 Buyout Holdings Performance Report    
Q4 2017 Real Estate Holdings Performance Report
Q4 2017 Venture Capital Holdings Performance Report 

To Be Announced

Q2 2018 Capital Reserve Forecast For Buyout Portfolios