Custom Private Capital Analysis With Burgiss Applied Research


Burgiss announces its newest service offering —Burgiss Applied Research.

Working directly with the Burgiss Applied Research team, clients can now obtain answers to bespoke questions regarding private capital that go beyond the scope of our standard offerings. Through our detailed statistical and econometric analysis of the private capital universe, clients can leverage our considerable database of non-public data and our unparalleled research expertise, providing more granularity and clarity on issues that drive investment decisions.

Some examples include

  • Developing Custom Benchmarks – Match specific investment constraints and provide guidance on composition, diversification, risk, and cash flow.
  • Predicting Cash Flows – Analyze how various portfolio weightings will affect future fund cash flows.
  • Estimating Risk Exposure – Help understand your exposure to broad market, industry and liquidity factors, or styles such as size, growth, and value.

Burgiss has established a reputation for unbiased research-quality data that has been adopted globally by leading practitioners and academics. We actively work with our clients to meet their evolving needs.