Burgiss History 

Today, Burgiss is a global provider of decision-support tools and data to private capital investors. We are privately held, financially independent and pursue a long-term vision.

Founded in 1987, Burgiss began as a small multi-disciplinary software consulting firm, with a focus on database development, publications, commercial database developer tools and training. An early consulting engagement with New York-based Mitchell-Hutchins, a boutique private capital investment group at Paine-Webber, led to the development of a database application designed to serve the needs of institutional investors with investments in venture capital and private equity funds. Soon thereafter, the application was licensed by a major U.S-based pension fund, a fund-of-funds and a large endowment.

By the late 1990s, Burgiss was focused exclusively on developing tools for managing private capital investments. In 1998, at the behest of several large clients, we began data operations to provide transparency into fund holdings. By 2000, our institutional clients included endowments, foundations, public and private pension funds, insurance companies and other financial service companies, family offices and sovereign wealth funds. Key to our growth was strategic partnerships with custodian banks, including Bank of New York, Mellon, and Northern Trust, and relationships with fund administrators and consultants.

In 2009, with the support of our clients, we began assembling industry benchmarks and behavioral data. What followed, the Burgiss Manager Universe, has since grown to be the world’s largest research-quality database of private capital performance. In 2010, we joined the Private Equity Research Consortium, a non-profit association focused on bringing academics and practitioners together to deepen the understanding and practice of private capital. From its inception, Burgiss data has been central to dozens of seminal research papers, helping bringing better foundational understanding and clarity to private capital investing. This work continues today with new work on dozens of projects.

As the asset class has grown in scope and importance, so too have we grown. Today, Burgiss is more than 200 professionals in offices in four countries. Our private capital software and data platforms are modern, fully integrated and cloud-based; our data is unsurpassed in breadth and quality.