Burgiss COmpletes The 2019 Holdings Data Policy Consultation

We would like to thank everyone that participated in the 2019 Holdings Data Policy Consultation.

As a reminder, the consultation focused on providing a data standardization framework to deal with the various inconsistent or unclear reporting situations seen in manager financial statements. As expanded use cases for Transparency Data continue to raise data requirements, comprehensive data standards are necessary for the continued development of best practices and to meet our commitment of delivering the best possible solutions for our clients. We intend both to revisit these data standards on an annual basis to ensure they remain relevant and to expand these standards to cover all other areas of Transparency Data.

Overall, our proposed policies were in-line with the consensus view and the final version of the 2019 Burgiss Holdings Data Policies is now available. As a result of valuable feedback, these policies saw revisions to better address certain outlier situations (2.07 and 5.09) and to provide better clarity throughout.

Additional communication regarding the implementation of the 2019 Burgiss Holdings Data Policies will be shared along with the Burgiss 2020 Platform and Data Roadmap early next year.