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Your Data + Our Data + Our Analytics
Delivered Through Excel

Your Models. Your Analysis.

Your Dashboards. Your Reporting.

At Hewlett, we’re really excited about this new functionality and are now starting to build out spreadsheets that should help us do analyses that we have not been able to do before.
— Hewlett Foundation

Heavy Lifting

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No Lightweight Excel Add-In, This.

It’s an industrial strength pipeline not only to your data but to Burgiss-Managed Data and Burgiss Analytics. Tapping into our highly-scaleable calculation engine, this Add-In delivers custom results instantly. Your spreadsheets can now benefit from the strict data governance of the Private i Platform and adhere to the calculation rules you’ve set down.

  • Your preferences for the calculation of the Unfunded Commitment.

  • Your inclusions and exclusions for return and other performance calculations.

  • Your attributes and other characteristics on tap for grouping, filtering and analysis.

  • Universe Peer Groups Comparisons, Kaplan & Schoar PME, Long-Nickels ICM, GSS Direct Alpha using up-to-date 3rd-party index data we maintain for you from MSCI, Russell and S&P.

  • And fully supporting Inception to date and point-to-point calculations, as well as single and group investment calculations.

And It’s Free

Best of all — there’s no charge — if you are Private i platform client, you’ll find a link to the Add-In on the home page. It installs into Excel in a snap.

Having trouble? Drop us a note at


1. Login and Connect Live

Your security credentials let you tap into your profiles and connect real-time to your data.

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2. Create Rich, Live Analytical Worksheets

Duplicate our reports. (Please, steal our templates!). Roll your own. Tie them to centralized reporting dates and investment groups by name.

Craft time-horizon templates that feed into your models and board reports. Use Microsoft Office interoperability and copy them into PowerPoint or Word.


3. Create Dashboards in Power BI, Tableau or Qlik

Combine your models with a business intelligence tool like Microsoft Power BI or Tableau. Quickly craft deep analytical visuals tied to your templates with data you can refresh at will. Change a date — recalculate, save and refresh and you’re done.


4. Share or Publish Your Dashboards

Put all of this to work by publishing your dashboards to all with the need to know, delivering answers to questions that they haven’t yet asked.

Try it out!

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Getting It is Easy

The link to the Excel Add-In is on the Private i platform homepage.

The Burgiss Excel Add-In is in continuous development, tapping into our ever-expanding API. Look for additional feature announcements in our newsletter and on our home page. To learn more about it, contact us or attend one of our regularly-scheduled webinars on this and other topics.

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