Private iQ Releases Q4 2010 Results and Additional Product Enhancements

Hoboken, NJ April 22, 2011 – We are pleased to announce that the Q4 2010 results have been posted for our clients. In addition we have made several enhancements to Private iQ.

New Modules

The newly created Reports module includes two analytical reports:

Measure Summary: Calculates percentile summaries for every measure for a selection of funds. This report is particularly useful because every measure and its related dispersion statistics are displayed on a single page.

Measure Detail: Provides a dynamic grouping feature that can be used to analyze multiple types of funds as well as generate meaningful time-series analyses.


By popular request, we have expanded the geographic focus filter to include the United States. Previously, the geographic focus filter only include regions (e.g. North America).

The public market equivalent (PME) created by Steven Kaplan (University of Chicago) and Antoinette Schoar (MIT) has been added as an available measure.

The measure drop-down has been reordered to be more intuitive.

A “Clear” button has been added to the filter.

All charts have been restyled.

iQ Test

Funds can now be benchmarked using 18 different measures.

Percentiles no longer include decimal points.

Concentration Analysis

The capitalization and paid-in capital of the selected funds have been added to the caption of the chart.


Number of funds reflects only those funds that have calculable results for the specified measure. For example: if the filtered selection contains 25 funds but only 24 of those funds have a calculable IRR, the number of funds displayed will be 24 when the IRR is the specified measure. The same standard applies to capitalization whereby it will only include the fund sizes of the underlying funds that have a calculable result for the specified measure.

1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-year IRRs have been suppressed for vintage years 1995 and earlier because the returns are not meaningful.

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