Private iQ Releases Q2 2012 Results and Additional Product Enhancements

Hoboken, NJ, September 21, 2012 — We are pleased to announce that the Q2 2012 results have been posted for our clients. In addition new enhancements have been made.


As part of this update, we are excited to introduce the official launch of a much more powerful and advanced calculation engine on the site – a first major step in taking to the next level of analytics.

Reports: Measure Summary:

The first manifestation of this major upgrade is the new Pooled column in the Reports: Measure Summary module. The module now provides pooled results for any custom group of funds, dynamically calculated using their underlying transactions.

Burgiss is working hard to move Private iQ forward and offer valued customers like you innovative new tools which can positively enhance your business. Keep on the lookout for more great advancements in the months ahead!

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