Burgiss Enhances Private Informant With an Updated Interface and New Charting

Hoboken, NJ, April 13, 2011 — Burgiss, the premier private equity services company announced today the release of Private Informant – Version 2.5 with new charting and interface enhancements.

Chart Enhancements and Exports

Analysis charts throughout Private Informant have been upgraded with enhanced style quality and now include important referential details available when saving. Portfolio holdings details included in charts make them presentation-ready with ease. Underlying chart data details can also now be exported with one click from the chart display and tied back to other Private Informant analyses with the use of unique identifiers used throughout Private Informant.

New ‘Threshold’ Report

The Threshold Report allows users to define a threshold percentage to be applied against the Total Exposed Market Value (NAV) of a portfolio or any filtered subset using the View Manager. View entities having NAVs falling either above or below a specified threshold while having the flexibility to use the Total Exposed Market Value of their portfolio in Private Informant or by inputting user-defined NAVs. This powerful report helps meet compliance reporting requirements by measuring exposure to entities across an entire portfolio at-a-glance.

Interface Enhancements

Each section of Private Informant now references the portfolio name under analysis. Several look and feel upgrades have been made with additional data details added to the Holding Section, Investment Analysis, Entity Details and Stock Pricing sections.

Investment Type, Asset Class and Vintage Year Overrides

Define investment characteristics by overriding data for Investment Type, Asset Class and Vintage Year data. Users can now either choose to use Private Informant classifications or override the information to be reflected throughout the platform including the Investment Analysis and reports.

About Private Informant

Private Informant is an online data service that gives you full transparency into your investments and access to multi-dimensional data for your underlying portfolio by sector, geography and stage. A team of 50 researchers and analysts pull apart and stitch together data from quarterly reports to give you the kind of top-down analysis you need, with all the underlying details to back it up. Today, over 125 institutional investors rely on Private Informant to do the heavy lifting of data aggregation for over 4,900 active funds with investments in more than 60,000 companies.

About Burgiss

Burgiss provides portfolio management software, data and analytics to asset owners investing in private capital. Our solutions streamline the investment process, provide transparency into portfolio holdings, and enable data-driven decisions. As an integral part of the private capital ecosystem, we continue to enhance our solutions by working with investors to meet their ever-changing needs. Learn more at www.burgiss.com.