Private iQ Releases Q1 2012 Results and Additional Product Enhancements

Hoboken, NJ, June 22, 2012 — We are please to announce that the first quarter 2012 results are available on Our dataset now exceeds 4,200 funds with a total capitalization of over $3 trillion.

The product has undergone a significant upgrade, which reinforces our commitment to providing you with even more sophisticated, exciting solutions in the near term future. As part of this upgrade, you will find that the product is now tablet (e.g. iPad) friendly, and that the charts may have a different look and feel.

 New Modules for Funds of Funds:
  • Reports module has been added to the Funds of Funds section:
    • Measure Summary: Calculates percentile summaries for every measure for a selection of funds of funds. This report is particularly useful because every measure and its related dispersion statistics are displayed on a single page.
    • Measure Detail: Provides a dynamic grouping feature that can be used to analyze multiple types of funds of funds as well as generate meaningful time-series analyses.
    • The Funds of Funds section now also has the iQ Test module to allow compare of a fund of funds track record to a custom universe. Running this module produces a radar chart with percentile rankings for each measure.
Time Series Calculator
  • Growth column has been added to track the compounded results of the quarterly returns. The base for growth starts at 100 on the quarter end date immediately preceding the earliest displayed quarterly return.
  • Charting capability has been added to the module to allow for visualization of the quarterly returns and their resulting growth over time.

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