Q4 2012 Dataset Now Available in Private iQ and New Enhancements Made

Hoboken, NJ, April 29, 2013 – We are pleased to announce that the Q4 2012 results are now available in Private iQ. In addition we have made several new enhancements.

Multiple Currency Reporting
Private iQ now supports multiple currency reporting for pooled calculations.* For a list of available currencies, please go to the Preferences section where a default currency for pooled results can now be set.

Quarterly Historical Results
Results are now available as of every quarter end date starting with Q1 1990. This can be best seen when using the “Group By Date” feature in the Measure Detail.

50+ Infrastructure Funds in Dataset
We now have over 50 Infrastructure funds in the dataset, which has earned them their own category under the “Real Assets” asset class. Previously, Infrastructure funds had been a part of the “Other” sub-asset class, housing all categories within the Real Assets with less than 50 funds each. The categories still remaining under “Other” are Timber, Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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*Please note that this initial multiple currency release is currently limited to the Reports module and only affects the Pooled results at this time. Please stay tuned for a more expanded roll-out in the near term future.

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