We Made It Even Better: Private i 6.1 Is Now Available

This month we debuted a number of enhancements to Private i, our portfolio management tool. This latest upgrade is significant because it will set the stage for the full integration of Burgiss Managed Data from Private Informant, planned for later this year. Version 6.1 includes the following updates:

  • Integration of Burgiss Managed Data 

Private i 6.1 represents the first phase of native integration of Burgiss Managed Data by incorporating information on Organizations and Assets from Private Informant. Upcoming releases will add to this integration by incorporating Holdings and Entity data.

  • CSV Exporting for Reports

With the addition of CSV exporting for most reports, data can be more easily extracted and manipulated for your reporting needs.

Clients using Private i 5.9 or higher will see the upgraded version when logging in via privatei.burgiss.com. Clients running earlier versions can contact support@burgiss.com to schedule a seamless upgrade.