Private iQ Releases Q3 2011 Results and Additional Product Enhancements

Hoboken, NJ, December 23, 2011 — We are pleased to announce that the Q3 2011 results have been posted for our clients. In addition we have made several enhancements to Private iQ.

By popular request, the site now provides ability to calculate custom quarterly time series returns based on the Modified Dietz Time-Weighted Rate of Return methodology. The returns can be found in the Time Series Calculator module, located in the Experimental section of the site.

Real Estate funds have been broken out to allow for deeper granularity in this asset class. The funds can now be filtered on the following strategies: Core, Opportunistic and Value-Added.

Funds of funds can now also be filtered based on their Asset Class focus. The newly added Asset Class categories for Funds of Funds are: Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, Real Estate, Real Assets and Generalist. 

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