Custom Fields for LP Investments Released in Private i 5.7.1

Hoboken, NJ, May 21, 2013 – Burgiss today announced the latest update to Private i 5 includes enhancements, new features and defect resolutions. Highlights include the following:

Custom Fields in LP Investments
Custom fields have been added to the LP Investments module in Private i, allowing you to capture specific information about your investments according to your needs. You can define up to 35 new fields – five of each of the following data types: character, checkbox, currency, date/time, float, integer and lookup. Many of these custom fields are available for grouping on dozens of standard reports by default and may be used to define selection sets.

Other New LP Investment Fields
Vehicle type, size and sub-asset class have been added as standard fields to the LP investments form.

New Standard Reports
Seven new reports have been added to the report explorer, including Adjusted Ending Value with Multiple and Unfunded, Investment Portrait, and Peer Group Comparison.

Currency Neutral Sets
To provide a richer analysis of foreign investments, reports can now be set up to use a static exchange rate. The new currency neutral sets remove the effect of currency fluctuations on investments over time. Reports can be configured to show performance based on a static exchange rate applied to all transactions for a particular currency.

All new enhancements in Private i 5.7.1 can be reviewed in the Release Notes located within Private i’s Help Menu.

To upgrade your Private i version, please contact Support or call us at US+1 (201) 427-9600.
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