Burgiss Manager Universe: Q1 2014 Results Now Available, Coverage Expanded to 5,670 Funds

Hoboken, NJ, June 22, 2014 – We are pleased to announce that results through Q1 2014 from the Burgiss Manager Universe are now available. Coverage has grown to include more than 5,670 funds representing $3.8 trillion in committed capital across the full spectrum of private capital strategies.

PiQ Q1 2014 snapshot

The Burgiss Manager Universe is an essential resource for private capital investors. It powers:

  • Private iQ, our decision support and benchmarking tool;
  • Burgiss Peer Groups, available in Private i and third-party platforms;
  • Sophisticated analyses like Monte Carlo simulations; and
  • Research by leading academics.

About Burgiss Manager Universe

The Burgiss Manager Universe is a research-quality database that includes the complete transactional history for over 5,600 private capital funds. It is representative of actual investor experience because the data is sourced exclusively from limited partners, which eliminates the natural biases introduced by sourcing data from general partners.

About Burgiss

For over 25 years, Burgiss has been a trusted partner to asset owners invested in private capital markets. Our solutions streamline the investment process, provide transparency into portfolio holdings, and enable data-driven decisions.