Burgiss has established a reputation for unbiased research-quality data that has been adopted globally by leading practitioners and academics. We also author independent research, which provides actionable insight to practitioners. See below for links to summaries of the papers and to request copies.

Applied Research Briefs

Applied Research Brief: Better Than the Buffett Bet?
A decade ago Warren Buffett bet that public equities would outperform hedge funds. In this month’s research brief, we revisit his bet, this time pitting private equity against public equity. (November 2017)

Applied Research Brief: Can We Improve on Roll-Forward Valuations?
Roll-forward valuations ignore important sources of information, creating possibly significant errors. The Applied Research team discusses their recommended technique to mitigate errors. (September 2017)

Applied Research Brief: How Accurate Are Roll-Forward Valuations?
This research brief discusses errors in roll-forward valuations, which can be significant. (August 2017)

Applied Research Papers

Burgiss Applied Research: Modeling Cash Flows for Private Capital Funds
In this paper, the Burgiss Applied Research team discuss predicting cash flows for private capital funds.

Burgiss Applied Research: Endurance of Internal Rate of Return
The Burgiss Applied Research team discusses performance measurement of private capital investments. (July 2017)

Burgiss Applied Research: Estimating Public Market Exposure of Private Capital Funds Using Bayesian Inference
The Burgiss Applied Research team discusses the challenges involved in determining the exposure of private capital to the public market. (June 2017)

Burgiss Applied Research: Indexes, Investability and Self-financing Strategies
Burgiss Applied Research announces its first in a series of research papers discussing how TWRR-based indexes may be used track wealth outcomes. (May 2017)


Inside Private Equity (Wiley, 2009) Inside Private Equity was written for institutional investors to help provide a general understanding of how to invest in, monitor, and measure the performance and risk of private equity. Here, you’ll become familiar with everything from traditional industry measurements to a structured approach to portfolio management. Inside Private Equity was co-authored by Burgiss’ own James M. Kocis, Founder and CEO, and James C. Bachman, COO, as well as Austin M. Long, Head of Alignment Capital, and Craig J. Nickels, Director of Private Markets for Washington University in St. Louis.