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Drive investment decisions
with the best data on the private capital markets

Private iQ provides critical insight into the private capital markets. This groundbreaking decision support and benchmarking tool allows you to benchmark managers, establish expectations for modeling different asset classes, and stay informed about macro changes in the investment environment. With Private iQ, investors can learn from the experience of thousands of fund investments and their actual transactional history.

Private iQ is built on our institutionally adopted portfolio management software and sophisticated tools for data assembly, aggregation and analysis. It is made possible with the advice, patience and cooperation of hundreds of industry participants, from LPs, GPs, to our strategic partners. The central mission of Private iQ is to help subscribers answer virtually any question about the performance, cash flow and valuation behavior of the asset class, using the most complete and up-to-date information available. Here are some of its features.

Vintage Analysis is a traditional way of summarizing the performance of funds by Vintage Year including pooled and dispersion returns, multiples, and cash flow statistics.

The iQ Test is an aid to the process of quantitative due diligence, and allows you to compare the track record of a manager with a custom universe of your choosing.

Profiler is a unique and natural way to examine the behavior of fund investments over time, yielding, among many measures, important inputs for liquidity modeling.

Relationship Explorer helps explain correlation between measures through best-fit analysis.

Many investors believe that top performing funds are responsible for the majority of the gains generated by the private capital markets. Concentration Analysis allows you to test this assumption by determining the percentage of funds driving the performance.

Private iQ is based on the Burgiss® Manager Universe, a quarterly-updated database and provides a wide variety of measures, including standard and public-market comparisons, including ICM, Kaplan-Schoar PME, and Direct Alpha.

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private iq decision support

private iq decision support
private iq decision support