Burgiss Applied Research

Custom Questions, In-Depth Answers

Burgiss has long been involved in helping answer some of the harder questions investors face with private capital. Our tools have established standards of excellence for measuring performance and transparency, while providing guidance for measures of risk. With the Burgiss® Manager Universe, we’ve established a reputation for unbiased research-quality data, and have seen it adopted by leading practitioners and academics world-wide.

Now for the first time, we’re making our data and research team directly available to you.

Burgiss Applied Research leverages our growing trove of data, both raw and derived, and our in-house expertise to help sophisticated investors tackle their hardest questions about private capital. Whether by providing detailed statistical and econometric analysis of the private capital universe or applying non-trivial methodologies, we can help you bring clarity to questions that drive your investment decisions.

The breadth and depth of our data allow for a vast set of questions to be asked and answered. This custom research may involve bootstrapping, simulation, back testing, or statistical estimation. Some questions may require more open-ended exploration of methodologies and techniques. It may involve both our universe and your portfolio data.

For a complete description, download the Applied Research Factsheet.
burgiss applied researchburgiss applied research