We believe a standardized approach to product development creates the highest value for our customers.

Information product development is a big, complex and often delicate task that has the goal of creating useful, usable and robust systems that work as expected and can grow as needed. Standardization creates economies of scale that helps keep ambitions in check, provides focus and helps drive innovation. Developing standard products takes more time and is expensive, but in the long run, a product-based approach has advantages that far outweigh the costs. Thus our solutions serve customers with similar problems, needs and ambitions.

By promoting standardization, we deliberately avoid the many pitfalls of a bespoke approach. Our work can be directed on solving big challenges. Standard systems can be configured quickly and implementations are fast and uncomplicated. Upgrades are simple. With our clients on up-to-date software, our customer support team can focus on helping you solve problems efficiently. And with this product-based approach, we have a reputation for delivering reliable software and continuous innovation. All clients benefit from these new features. For clients with truly distinct needs, we make sure that their data is easily accessible.

This approach to development extends to how we operate–we take end-to-end responsibility for getting things right and keeping things working. All of our software applications are hosted at highly secure data centers and these resources are managed by our in-house team. Our software development, data service and analytics are entirely done in-house.