Advantages of Upgrading Private i

With a host of updates slated to enhance usability and deliver more value to our clients in 2018, those who haven’t upgraded to Private i 5.9 may miss out on a number of new features.

Clients who upgrade retain access to the same valuable features they’ve come to rely on, automatically gain access to our web-based version, Private i 6, and will be able to fully leverage new features scheduled for 2018.

What’s more, Private i 6 is designed to make portfolio management, reporting, and analysis a much smoother and more intuitive process. It includes a redesigned user interface and streamlined data entry, updated reporting, revamped exports, enhanced analytics, and native integration of Burgiss-managed holding and entity data from Private informant, Fund-of-Fund peer groups, Holdings-based Reports, and Burgiss Managed Indexes.

For questions about Private i upgrades or to enquire about training opportunities, you can contact us at